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Yesterday a cap and gown was the big deal for Seniors... today, it's an entirely different style! Your senior wants the stylish, fashion-forward look of today (which means no cap and gown!), while you still want a classic look that will be timeless.​

With this in mind, be assured that Neil will capture your Senior in a variety of classic shots that will be perfect for your framed wall portrait and for the gift prints for grandparents. 

While you browse the galleries of our website, you'll see a variety of images that include clean, classic styling and also images with unique and special processing and editing that is trendy and stylish in the photography and media today. These trendy images are most likely the images your senior will love for their Instagram & TikTok profile images, wallets and specialty print products.

You'll be presented with images from your Senior's session that will please both you and your senior. It's this attention to detail that we are known for!


This is my Senior Portrait from 1990!

Was I going to the Prom or what? My Mom loves this picture but it makes me upset that we never had the chance to get someone like me to do my Senior Pics. I would have had the best session with me!

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